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I'm Mackenna

I’m a UX and UI Designer in Seattle. Living in Seattle means I buy a lot of drip and I own a lot of waterproof gear. I currently work at Lenati, where I steal whiteboards (I design things).

I strive to do and be better as one of the many people who build the internet. Accessibility is very important to me for that reason.

Off the laptop, I'm a bike racer and I run a women-trans-femme cycling club called Breakfast

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People come to me for...

Lots of things.

In this day and age, we're pretty well-rounded as humans. I like to think of this list as things I'm both passionate about & relatively good at. They also usually help me with my day job.

UX Design ✏️
UI Design 🖍
Prototyping 🔨
Front-end Dev 💻
User Research ⚖️
Accessibility 🔑
Ethics of Tech 📰

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Open to coffee chats, bike rides, and career-minded conversations.

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